We help families stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Our team will help you stay comfortable all year round.
We supply the best air conditioning brands to homes. With a strong focus on energy efficiency, we sell and install both split and ducted air conditioning solutions across all largest and most trusted brands.

We take time to understand United States air conditioning requirements, guiding you through your options to ensure you get the perfect solution for your unique needs. From product selection and air conditioning installation, to repair and maintenance, we offer an end-to-end service that’s guaranteed.

Our team offers air conditioning installation solutions for houses and residential properties of all sizes.

We have access to a huge range of models from the most popular air conditioning suppliers in United States and overseas. We also have a focus on energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions that keep costs low for our clients – we supply and install aircons from the leading brands in energy efficiency.
Central A/C Units:
Central A/C systems are the most common type of cooling system found in homes throughout the DMV area. They provide cooling, dehumidification, air filtration, and air circulation. The components of a Central A/C system are a condenser, evaporator, and duct-system. A central system can last 10-15 years in the DMV climate with routine maintenance.
Heat Pumps:
Heat Pump units are another very common system. They’re similar to Central A/C systems but in addition to air conditioning they can also provide heating without any additional equipment. Heat Pumps are a very effective system for the DC area climate and provide for an efficient solution to heating and cooling demands.
Gas Furnaces:
Gas Furnaces use natural gas for effective heating. They are designed to quickly and efficiently warm the indoor air. Homes that use gas heat can save on utility bills with an energy-efficient gas furnace.
Packaged Units:
Packaged units are a self-contained, all-in-one, type of system that are typically installed on rooftops. The most common package units are packaged heat pumps and packaged air conditioners with built-in gas furnaces. Package units are a very common application for Commercial buildings and flat roof homes.
Mini-splits are a high efficiency solution to heating and cooling. They are the ideal solution when attic space is limited and provide a very efficient method of conditioning individual areas as needed. Mini-splits come in a variety of different styles, from high wall mounted, ceiling mounted, floor mounted, to ducted type systems. They come in single-zone models for cooling just one area or in multi-zone models that can provide cooling to an entire home. Mini-splits are a common solution for garages, casitas, and those pesky hot and cold rooms that never seem to get enough airflow.
Sichinava Heating and Air Conditioning offers Maintenance Plans so you can take the guesswork out of knowing when your system needs to be serviced. With each maintenance plan, you’re guaranteed two maintenance visits per year, in addition to special pricing and discounts, and priority scheduling. Ask about how you can save more with multi-year plans!
Maintenance Visits Per Year
Repair Discount
Loyalty Credit
Extended Repair Warranty
1 year
2 years
Priority Service
24 Hours
Same Day
Service Call Fee
50% Off*

*Service Call Fee discounts are determined upon the requested maintenance service.


DMV area endures extreme weather conditions, which means that it’s crucial to have your Heating / A/C system inspected to ensure you’ll have an efficient system going into the next season. With routine system maintenance, you’ll have lower utility bills, a longer system lifespan, improved home safety, and much more. With Sichinava Heating and Air Conditioning’s thorough, 34-point Clean & Check, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your system is in top notch condition.

Measure refrigerant levels
Check refrigerant condition
Measure system temperature split
Test run capacitors
Test condenser motor amperes
Check fan blade
Test blower fan motor amperes
Check blower wheel
Test compressor windings
Check service valves and Schrader cores
Check contactors and relay switches
Inspect condenser coil
Inspect wiring for wear and sun-rot
Tighten electrical connections
Inspect circuit boards
Inspect pressure safeties
Inspect service disconnect & fuses
Inspect condensate system & purge drain lines
Dust control compartment
Tighten loose screws
Replace missing screws
Replace line-set insulation, as needed
Inspect ductwork for leaks at unit
Check ductwork static pressure
Check air filter
Check thermostat


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